A : Are there any pre-requisite experience or educational requirements?

Answer: No, Every training program is an ideal and special feature for anyone to further their carrier through developing strategic practices focused on skill & technique. Preferred candidate should be 10th / 10+2/ Any Bachelor degree/Diploma or minimum of two years’ relevant experience.

B : How can I apply for a specific training program and what is the eligibility?

Answer: Apply by online or person, as you wish & your own Interest. Like Technician, Supervisor, Fresher Engineer, experience etc.Minimum 10th /10+2/ITI/Diploma/Any Bachelor Degree/BE / or equivalent.

C : What is the procedure to register for training?

Answer: Online and personal visiting.

D : Q How do I login to your site online?

Answer: Yes, you will go through to our website,www.jsbconsultants.co.in

E : What are the different types of training Program?

Answer: There are many types training programs, like Technician, Supervisor, Fresher Engineer, experience personnel etc.

F : How long will it take to complete the courses?/Duration of courses?

Answer: Approximately two to four hours per module, or 8 - 20 – 72 hours. (One day, Three days, Three weeks) We recommend allowing Six -eight weeks to complete the modules prior to attending the practicum. 1) One day training Program for Technicians/Mechanics a) Passenger Cars technical Training b) Commercial & Heavy vehicles Technical Training. 2) One Day AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Training Program for Supervisor/Service Advisor/ Job card supervisor etc. 3) One Day Recon / Prolife Training Program for Works Manager/Workshop In charge Supervisor/Service Advisor/ Job card supervisor etc. 4) 1.5 to 2.00 months, Technician/Mechanics/workshop supervisor/Technical Advisor Training Program. 5) Two day Fresher Engineers, vehicle familiarizations Training Program.

G : Do I have to do any homework while doing the courses?

Answer: Yes. You will be given the opportunity to complete on-the-job aids to help you apply concepts in your current work environment.

H : Are there tests associated with the courses?

Answer: Yes. There is an assessment at the end of each module that you will be expected to pass.

I : What practicum will I be scheduled in?

Answer: When you will be register at that time, you will get the details for practicum.

J : Will I am required to take ongoing training to stay certified?

Answer: Yes. You will be expected to complete scheduled training hours of ongoing training within specified period.

K : What are the benefits and features of Trainings?

Answer: Every training has unique features; it gives you different skill levels & opportunities.

L : What is the Course fee & how can I pay it?

Answer: Every course has different fees as per course Module. Pay its online as well as personally.

M : What is the maximum tenure of course fee that I can have paid in Installment?

Answer: No, there is no tenure for course fee, some special case may be considered but it will be paid before completing the course.

N : Is there any support for job/Placement?

Answer: Yes, we have given the support for placement and reference.

O : If I have any query, whom/where do I contact?

Answer: Please email us at info@jsbconsultans.co.in& +91 9762158851